2023 Mid Year Updates

2023 has been very busy so far.
We traveled to Tokyo Japan where we met with media studios that use the same film restoration software.
We met with team members from Photron, iMagica, Qooop, YokoCine and TOEI/Toho.  It was great to see how these studios in Japan
use the software and the different techniques in restoring film.  Opaque Media has adopted a few of these into our own workflows.

Next, due to a renewed interest in the comic novel/mini-series DECAY, we have restocked the Amazon store.
Copies are available once again here:  DECAY Series on Amazon

And lastly we just completed a restoration project. Cleaning up 50 minutes of a 90 minute feature in a joint effort
with Reel Revival the will be release on Blu-Ray and DVD soon. We will share all the details when they become available.

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