ABOUT Opaque Media:
Photo Negative Restoration (Including Glass Plate Negatives)
Movie/Film Reel Scanning & Restoration (16mm & 35mm formats).

Over 25 years video editing experience:
3/4 inch video, 1/2 inch video and MiniDV. Analog Tape & Digital formats.

Over 30 years photography experience:
120 medium format film to 35mm formats. Analog & Digital formats.

Over 25 years exclusively used Adobe and Adobe CC software from the first release to the
current 2022 Cloud based SaaS. Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Media Encoder.

Opaque Media has also recently adopted Phoenix Software for digital film restoration and preservation projects.

Project Decay:  Initially released as a 3 part comic novel we are trying to pitch the project to be an animated film.
The project enlisted the aide of independent artists.

Let’s build something together.