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ABOUT Opaque Media:
Photo Negative Restoration (Including Glass Plate Negatives)
Movie/Film Reel Scanning & Restoration (16mm & 35mm formats).
– Over 25 years video editing experience:
     3/4 inch video, 1/2 inch video and MiniDV. Analog Tape & Digital formats.
– Over 30 years photography experience:
     120 medium format film to 35mm formats. Analog & Digital formats.
– Over 25 years working with Adobe and Adobe CC software from the first release to the
     current Cloud SaaS. Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Media Encoder.
– Opaque Media has also recently adopted Filmworkz Phoenix Software
     for digital film restoration and preservation projects.

Based in the Greater Worcester/Boston MA area.
Phone: (+1) 617-286-4998 ( *currently US only )

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